RStudio Themes

RStudio is a popular and insanely good IDE for R. Like many R users, I have been using it almost from the beginning. However, its standard editor themes were never quite to my taste and I was switching between them on a regular basis, never being truly happy. Luckily, custom themes were added in 2018. I saw this only with a couple of months delay, but was intrigued by the idea.

I quickly started to build a RStudio version of the Nord theme which is extremely popular for VS Code. It is not yet 100% like the original, but I have made this my new standard RStudio theme.

Soon after realizing that other R users were also building and publishing themes, I started a Github repository to collect user-generated RStudio themes. I regularly search for new themes and try to keep it updated as the most complete collection of user-made RStudio themes. At the moment, it contains 53 themes that were generated by R users (42 dark, 11 light themes). Moreover, the repository also shows the complete list of built-in themes (22 dark, 13 light). If you developed your own theme and would like others to see it, please create a Pull Request or contact me - I’m happy to add it to the list.