I am a data analyst and R developer. If you would like to know more about me, please visit the About page.

You can find a list of some (more or less) recent blog posts below; most of them are related to coding.

Extending the Life of a 5 Year Old Roomba

My Roomba had been a trusty helper over the last five years, accompanying me in two apartments in two cities. It was a great solution, allowing me to spend less time on household chores. In the past couple of months, however, it started to sound differently and started to move a bit less controlled than before. It seems that this was related to long hairs getting caught in unlikely places which were difficult to clean.
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Spent Grain Grissini

About a year ago, I started to get into homebrewing: I like craft beer and really enjoyed the process of brewing all-grain batches with the “Brew in a Bag” method. Trying to be mindful about resources, I didn’t want to dump the spent grains into the waste bin and quickly started to store it away in the freezer to bake spent grain bread. There are tons of spent grain bread recipes on the internet which yield decent results, but I also wanted to add a bit of variety.
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Recommendation: Neuland - Von Halbleitern und Heimat

I recently found a fantastic podcast mini-series about the GDR and its attempt to advance computer technology in the second half of the 1980s. If you understand German and would like to hear more about the history of computing (1 megabit!), life in the GDR, mining towns and citizen protest just before the fall of the Berlin wall, I recommend Neuland - Von Halbleitern und Heimat. The series follows three groups of people over time that are loosely connected.
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RStudio Theme Collection Updates: April 2021

I have managed to improve the backend of my user-made RStudio themes collection recently: Until recently, I had maintained the collection manually, adding new themes by hand and sorting everything. Now, everything is much more automated, making it easier to maintain in the future. All themes are included in a nice CSV file (this one) that can easily be sorted via R. The main overview is directly sourcing from this CSV file and creating the Markdown list via some R code.
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Pricesensitivitymeter Package v1.2 Released

An updated version of the “pricesensitivitymeter” R package is now available on CRAN: This version 1.2 includes two main new features: The new function psm_plot() is a convenience function for creating the “standard” Price Sensitivity Meter plot. You can see a simple example in the Visualizing PSM Results vignette. The psm_analysis() function now also supports input in tibble format (which is common in the “tidyverse”), in addition to standard data.
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